Hello bookish friends! I know we are a week into 2020 but it’s never too late to post about goals. I am intense about planning maybe it’s my Capricorn moon who knows… but I love making lists, spreadsheets, and setting goals. This year I came up with ten reading goals/plans for the upcoming year. These are truly the things I am dedicated to and challenging myself to accomplish in my reading life.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 2.38.05 PM

Read 100 books.
I literally missed this by three books last year… but let’s not talk about that!

Read five physical books before buying a new book.
Last year I plain and simple bought too many books. I way overdid it and there was no way I could keep up with the quantity I was accumulating.

Read one 500+ page book a month. (working title, Tackling Tomes)
Last year I let big books intimidate me. Not this year friends.

Read every Brandon Sanderson book I can.
I discovered a love for Brandon Sanderson last year so now I need to read them all!! Plus I want to get caught up with the Stormlight Archive series so I can read and review it with everyone else upon release date this year!

Utilize my library more.
I only went to my public library a handful of times last year so I want to work on using that great resource! Towards the end of the year, I started using Libby and I want to continue using this service as well! Also, if you haven’t been set up on Libby you need to. It’s amazing.

Participate in one blog tour every month. If available and accepted 🙂
I am so beyond honored to be participating in my first blog tour this January! Throughout this year I want to work on getting more involved in the reviewing community. Of course, I will continue to use Instagram to promote as well.

Continue to promote/read books featuring own voices authors.
I think this goal speaks for itself. I want everyone to feel seen and heard!

Read 20 graphic works in 2020.
Last year I fell in love with reading graphic novels and manga so this year I want to read ten of both formats.

Read six classics.
I want to read classics and I don’t want to read classics. I’m going to try to read the classics this year. Six sounds like a good number.

Read two books from my TBR jar every month.
Last year I made the most gorgeous TBR jar and I read nothing from it. So I decided this year I want to challenge myself to read two books a month because why not set my sights high! I am not adding any additional books because I want to read those backlist books that have been sitting on my shelf for way too long.



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