IMG_5329 2➢Summary:

Heir to Hell and the Dark Forest of Malum, Klara has been called upon to take her place as High Queen of Malum. Though Klara has no intention of ruling, her guardians want her head on a spike. Klara’s only option – escape to Kalos, Fae ruled lands free from Dark Magic. To survive the perilous journey, she needs help…

A Leprechaun with a talent for smuggling.

A mischievous Demon with swaying loyalties.

The soul of a greying Warlock.

Destiny has an awful habit of catching up with those who run.

Screen Shot 2019-02-04 at 2.38.05 PM


“Weakness is settling for a life based on what others want of you and from you.”

I’m stunned. I have no words to tell you how incredible this book is, but I will try to collect my thoughts. This story has everything! We have a strong heroine, unique world building, all the twists and turns, and a dash of dark humor . Kate has crafted a beautiful (and kind of creepy) world full of creatures from all different folklore and mythologies. There are demons, giants, fae, ogres, lycanthropy, ghouls, leprechauns, all the creatures. They are woven into the story in such a unique and creative way!! 

The story takes place in Malum which is in between the realms of Hell and Kalos, the fae realm. It’s home to all of the questionable creatures of the world and our heroine, Klara, is the heir to Malum and Hell. That’s right folks the heroine is Lucifer’s daughter! However, Klara wants anything but to rule over these realms. The story follows her on an adventure of self discovery, with the help of some unique friends, magical powers, and a bit of luck. Will she become the ruler of Hell or forge her own path?? 

Not only are there some amazing characters and great world building but the writing style is so fun. There are bits of dark humor all throughout that had me laughing. Just go pre order this book and you will not regret it!! It is available for preorder on Amazon and you only have to wait a few more days because it’s released on July 4th!! She also has paperback copies available on her website! I can’t wait to read more of her stories in the future!



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